• View of a Chevrolet Silverado truck on a work site, with OnStar's enabled vehicle connectivity.



OnStar Vehicle Connectivity

Fleet Managers:

Keep your fleet business on track with factory-installed OnStar1. You’ll have access to powerful information that you can use to optimize your business and help ensure the safety of your drivers. With a variety of services, including emergency, diagnostics, and directions, you can choose the plan and price that best fits your fleet’s needs. OnStar also offers 4G LTE with a built-in Wi-Fi® hotspot1 that turns fleet vehicles into mobile workstations. In addition, telematics is available so you can analyze a wide range of data to help enhance the efficiency of your fleet and your bottom line.


The deployment of 4G LTE1 services in the auto industry features all of the incredible services and benefits you expect from OnStar by offering available built-in Wi-Fi1 capability that turns your vehicle into the ultimate mobile workstation.

  • Ability to connect up to seven mobile devices
  • Reliable Internet access on the go
  • A powerful connection than a smartphone or mobile hotspot
  • Maintain a connection up to 15 metres from the vehicle

For additional pricing and more information about OnStar for your fleet, please contact fleetsupport@onstar.com. If you drive a fleet vehicle and would like to know more about how to set up OnStar, visit onstar.ca for details on plans and packages available to individual drivers.


GM offers fleet telematics solutions for your fleet with the Commercial Link program designed to help reduce costs, improve productivity, and enhance driver safety. There is a wide array of vehicle information available to ensure that you are getting the business intelligence you need to improve your fleet operations. Relying upon the OnStar technology available on most vehicles, these solutions are very cost effective as no additional hardware expense needs to be incurred. The vehicle data is sourced from the factory-installed hardware and, therefore, is reliable and tamper-resistant.


Reduce Costs

Information is powerful. Reducing idle time, helping to minimize fuel theft, and saving money on maintenance are just a few examples of how Telematics can positively impact your business’ bottom line.

Improve Productivity

Help your fleets work smarter. Knowing where your vehicles are, optimizing routes, and monitoring after-hours activity are just a few ways you can better manage your fleet.

View of a Chevrolet van with a seat belt, fuel gauge, and compass symbols surrounding it.
View of a GMC pickup truck with a bar graph in the background.

Enhance Driver Safety

The well-being of your drivers is important to your company. With Telematics, you can monitor speed or help your drivers feel more secure knowing assistance is available if they get lost.