A GM Fleet representative discussing with a customer business eligibility and enrollment details.

Business Fleet Eligibility & Enrollment

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Do you have a minimum of 5 vehicles licensed and registered in your company name today?
You're eligible
Will your current planned purchase take you up to the 5 vehicles minimum requirement?
You're eligible
Will you be purchasing 3 or more vehicles for your business in the planned purchase?
You're eligible
Are you a Government Agency, Government Regulated Utility, Public School or Medical Hospital?
You're eligible
Are you an existing General Motors Fleet customer (you have a FAN)?
Visit dealer to validate

If you do not qualify for a General Motors Fleet account but have an existing business, there might be other incentives available to you. Click here.

Program Guidelines

Vehicles purchased under the General Motors Fleet program must be registered and kept in Fleet Service in Canada for a minimum of 6 months and 12,000 KM.